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Tips for Painting on Concrete

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If you have a concrete floor that is dull and colorless, there are a number of options to brighten up the space. Giving a concrete floor a coat of paint will not only make it look brand new, but it will also be easier to clean. Now when I say a coat of paint, I'm not talking about covering drywall with a single coat. There are more steps involved with painting concrete. One reason is that concrete is porous. In fact, the pores constitute 12 - 18% of the material, but they are pretty Continue Reading ...

What is Paint Rheology

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Rheology is a term that refers to how a substance flows, defining its fundamental characteristics and predicting its behaviors. So how does that relate to paint? Believe it or not, it is a huge key to the final appearance of a painting project. That is because paint rheology is what helps manufacturers of different types of coatings scientifically discover how to best formulate the paint so that it flows evenly during application. Another similar term for the gooeyness of paint is Continue Reading ...

Painting Wooden Pallets

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Taking wooden pallets and re-using them is quite the ongoing trend. People have come up with some really crafty ideas for how to take these abandoned items that were used to transport goods via forklift or truck and create magic. Some of the top uses are: Tables Decorative paintings Planters Desks Chairs Shelves Storage Depending on how you decide to recycle your pallets, you definitely want to be sure you remove all the nails and sand out the rough edges. You can Continue Reading ...

How To Custom Stain Wood

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[caption id="attachment_315" align="alignleft" width="167"] Image from Pixabay[/caption] If you have a piece of furniture that you love and want your other decor to match its stain color, you might have to get creative. Most wood stains you can buy are basic shades of golden oak, red mahogany, and dark walnut, but if those don't coordinate with your plan, what can you do? Mix and matching stains is somewhat of an art. You have to start with a chunk of scrap wood for the old trial and Continue Reading ...

Suggestions for Painting the Exterior Trim of your Home

Is the exterior color of your home looking dull and drab? Or is the paint cracking and peeling? An exterior paint job is a pretty big undertaking, so assessing the condition of your paint will be essential to maintaining a polished appearance. There are several factors, but it mostly depends upon the type of siding your home has. If it has wood siding, then you need to repaint around every three to five years. However, stucco and vinyl or Masonite siding can last up to ten years. Other Continue Reading ...

Painting Wall Tiles to Update a Bathroom

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If you buy an older house that has decor from the 70's, you might just have some pink or avocado colored wall tiles in the bathroom. If you were really lucky, many times these designs had a matching bathtub, toilet stool and sink. Dazzling! Another decorating issue I've seen is mismatched color tiles being used as replacements. This is probably because the tiles didn't have the adhesive applied correctly or weren't sealed properly so water could get in behind them and they fall off the wall Continue Reading ...

Popular Color Trends for Interior Home Makeovers

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Finding the right color scheme for your home makeover can be a difficult task. Painting a room can completely change the perception of how big and open or dramatic and mysterious a space can be. Lighter colors can be more uplifting, but darker colors provide ambiance. If you want to know what colors make a room like bigger and brighter, this post from Huffington Post provides a balance of colors that complement each other: The 14 Most Popular Paint Colors (They Make A Room Look Bigger!) | Continue Reading ...

Ways to Liven Up Your Backyard with Color

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Are you looking for ways to brighten up your backyard with some color? There are a number of things you can do with some paint and creativity to make a splash with your outdoor decor. One way is to use paint on various yard items to create some accent colors and tie everything together. There are tons of choices when using potted plants and flowers as part of your scheme. If you are willing to put in a little time painting terra-cotta pots, you can make them look bright and colorful without Continue Reading ...

The Basics of Hiring a Painting Contractor

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When you are planning a painting project, you can either spend your weekends doing it yourself or you can hire a painting contractor. You will have to spend some time researching what painter to use, but in the long run you will help preserve your precious free time. Once you find a house painter you like, you will be able to rehire them when needed. There are some specific things to consider with your search, so you would be wise to create a list of criteria and questions. You needs to Continue Reading ...

Home Interior Unique Painting Techniques

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If you are looking for a unique painting technique to spice up a room, there are loads of approaches you can try. You can use painters tape to create abstract looks, stripes, or chevron patterns. You can make the stripes horizontal or vertical, paint ombre blended colors, or stencil in patterns. The cost of artistically painting a wall is minimal and could provide a great accent to other colors in the room. Have you tried using a sea sponge to paint a wall? It is a clever way to layer Continue Reading ...