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Tips for Cutting In When Painting

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Start With Good Equipment Before you start painting walls, you need to cut in the edges with a paint brush. Cutting in happens when areas are too tight for a roller, such as in corners, along baseboard and trim, and where the wall meets the ceiling. It is a craft that requires a steady hand. According to this site: "Cutting in" is the art of drawing a straight line, separating two colors using only the paint brush - no masking tape or other aid. You often see it at the edge where a wall Continue Reading ...

Painting With Cans Of Spray Paint

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When Is Aerosol Spray Paint Best? For certain painting projects, aerosol spray paint is the best answer. It can offer benefits such as no brush strokes, especially for use around decorative edges on furniture like chairs, nightstands, and mirrors. It is also helpful at hitting those hard-to-reach spots and it makes way less of a mess. There are also no brushes or rollers to clean, which all equate to saving time. When done right, it's possible to achieve a flawless finish with no Continue Reading ...

How Much Paint Will I Need?

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Measuring a Room Correctly There's nothing worse than being so close to finishing a painting project and realizing you're just about out of paint. It's hard to plan ahead and know exactly how much each situation will require, depending on if you're painting furniture, brand new drywall, going from dark to light colors, etc. All of these factors make choosing the correct quantity of primer and paint hard to figure out. There are online calculators that make it easier, but if you are painting Continue Reading ...

Fall Decorating Ideas – Bold Colors That Have An Impact

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Brighten Up Your Space Hard to believe that fall is just around the corner with the holiday season soon to come. If you like to design your home around the seasons, paining can be an inexpensive way to add some fall spice. [caption id="attachment_698" align="alignright" width="275"] Wikimedia Commons[/caption] Out with whites and grays and in with warm, rich shades of brown, green, and blush to style your walls and furniture with seasonal shades. These cozy colors are a great Continue Reading ...

Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets With Contact Paper

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Tricks for Modernizing Your Cabinets I realize that as a painting contractor in Denver CO, suggesting that you use contact paper as opposed to paint might sound a little unusual, but we want to provide the best tips for updating your home. So, any technique that can rejuvenate your perfectly functional cabinets for a minimal price is a bonus! There are many places that sell contact paper, but if you are going to use it in an area that will always be visible and require durability, you will Continue Reading ...

Techniques for Fixing Dents in Your Drywall

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It is unavoidable that when you move furniture, carry something into your house that is wider than you realized, or open the door with a little to much gusto, you will end up with dents and dings on your walls. It always reminds me of an episode of Newlyweds with Jessica Simpson when her husband Nick Lachey put a gouge in the wall moving furniture. She was pretty upset, and her comment about the issue was, "We're going to have to re-wall our house." You definitely don't need to re-wall Continue Reading ...

Modernize Your Old Countertop

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The kitchen is a great place to start when you want to remodel your home, especially if you plan to sell. It is a focal point and receives the most scrutiny from a potential buyer, so you want to have it looking its best. Even if you aren't selling but are just tired of looking at that old Formica countertop, consider giving it a DIY makeover.  Rather than spending thousands on a quartz, marble or granite countertop, you can paint your current countertop for a fraction of the cost. There Continue Reading ...

Tricks for Painting a Front Door

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One way to spruce up the exterior of your house inexpensively is to paint your front door. However, painting a door isn't as easy as it sounds. As always, the effort spent getting ready for the project is more time consuming that the actual paint job. One of the first factors you need to think about is what color of paint and its sheen. A handy application that will assist in choosing exterior or interior colors is the Paint My Place app. It lets you upload a picture of the space and Continue Reading ...

Concrete Floor Stenciling

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If you have a cement floor in your basement or any room in your house, rather than leaving it the boring grey color you can add some pizzazz with concrete floor stenciling. Similar to how you do stenciling on a wall, this technique offers a way to add interest to your room without much cost. It does, however, require a fairly big time commitment, with a good amount of prep work involved in the process. The actual stenciling is also quite repetitious, but the result can be dramatic. The Continue Reading ...

Tips for Choosing Complementary Colors

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Selecting the perfect colors for your new home or remodeling project can be challenging. When you look at all of the color choices, it can be an overwhelming decision. Understanding the basics about choosing complementary colors is a good start. Using a color wheel to find matching shades can help, and many interior designers talk about color psychology to determine what mood you want to set for in a specific room. Another concept that offers a way to plan your interior design is called Continue Reading ...