If you have a cement floor in your basement or any room in your house, rather than leaving it the boring grey color you can add some pizzazz to concrete floor stenciling. Similar to how you do stenciling on a wall, this technique offers a way to add interest to your room without much cost.

It does, however, require a fairly big time commitment, with a good amount of prep work involved in the process. The actual stenciling is also quite repetitious, but the result can be dramatic.

The required materials are minimal, as shown in the following post by Bob Vila:

How to Stencil a Floor – Bob VilaStenciling on Cement

Tape measure
Low-tack masking tape, spray adhesive, or repositionable stencil spray adhesive
1 large stencil
Stencil brushes
Concrete paint
Paper towels
Sealant (polyurethane or other)

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As mentioned in a previous blog from last week, painting a concrete floor is a little more difficult than painting drywall. Cleaning it thoroughly and letting it completely dry will get you started on the right foot.

Next, you want to cover the floor with a couple coats of base paint to provide a smooth surface. Be sure and let each coat fully dry.

To get the design started, you want to find the center of the room and start stenciling there. The following video shows how to create a beautiful pattern on a concrete floor:

The above video demonstrates an intricate pattern with numerous colors. It doesn’t need to be that complicated, as the time required to finish it would be a factor for many people.

There are advantages to stenciling on concrete, and one is the cost. Buying a stencil pattern is fairly cheap and so is the paint. It just takes a lot of elbow grease.

If you want to save time and hire a painting contractor, that would also be understandable. A contractor can offer their customers a unique look without investing in a lot of equipment.

This post mentions the average cost per foot to hire the work done:

Cost of Concrete Floor Coating – Estimates and Prices at FixrOutdoor Stenciled Concrete

There are numerous methods that can be used to coat your concrete floor. Some merely seal it, while others give it a more decorative appearance that looks like wood, metal, or terrazzo. Your costs, therefore, can vary tremendously based on what type of coating you’re using, as well as on the current condition of your concrete, and the size of the floor you’ll be covering. For example, installing thin epoxy coating plus stain on a 200 sq.ft garage floor costs $400 – $800.

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After finishing the project with polyurethane to protect it and make it shiny, you will have a long-lasting design. Sealing it with the finishing coat will also make it easier to clean.