Best Techniques for Painting Interior Trim

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Need some ideas for sprucing up the interior of your home? One of the best options is to paint. You can use paint to alter the appearance of almost any surface. There are some aspects to consider so that you create the atmosphere you desire. This article by provides a multitude of ideas for changing the look of your home: Painting 101 Basics | Painting Ideas, How to Paint a Room or Furniture, Colors, Techniques | DIY Don't fear the bold colors! Select colors that add depth Continue Reading ...

Augmented Reality Apps for Easier Shopping

When you are shopping for home improvement items, sometimes it's hard to imagine how the finished product will look. You can take home paint samples or snap pictures of products in the store, but that still doesn't really give you a good perspective of the outcome. So would if you could use an app to visualize the effects of your home remodel? This capability has been around for a while now, but Lowe's is currently launching their own version of this consumer shopping aid: Lowe's Continue Reading ...

Are Tiny Homes Practical?

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Even though the size of single-family homes are increasing, some people are choosing to downsize. And when I say downsize, I mean way down! It is a trend that many people are jumping on board with as far as decreasing their living space to have less maintenance as well as save money and energy. This article from the Denver Post highlights an area woman who lives in a compact home: Colorado woman’s tiny house lets her live large on less – The Denver Post The National Association of Continue Reading ...

How to Use a Paint Roller Correctly

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If you have taken on a painting project for your home and were disappointed, that is a frustrating experience. You just keep trying to add another layer to fix it. Knowing how to use a paint roller correctly is the difference between an average paint job and a flawless paint job. The Family Handyman posted this article which provides tips for using a paint roller, and tip number one is a big one: 10 Interior House Painting Tips & Painting Techniques for the Perfect Paint Job | The Continue Reading ...

Great Ideas For Decorating This Halloween

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For people that love Halloween, it allows them to kick off the holiday season a little early. Decorating your home for Halloween can be fun and makes it even more exciting for the kids. For the Kohler family in Longmont, Colorado, their Halloween tradition of impressive spooky decor has gotten better each year. This article from the Longmont Times shares their Halloween secrets for creating a fun and frightening atmosphere: Halloween house 'how to': Longmont family's display has grown Continue Reading ...

What Is The Best Paint Brush For The Job?

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If you aren't sure what type of brush or roller to use when doing a painting project, you are not alone. Most people try to find a brush in the bargain bin that looks like it might do the job. The truth is, there are a lot of variations in brushes and rollers that make a huge difference in the outcome of the project. This Old House is a very helpful site if you are tackling a paint job on your own as opposed to hiring a painting company to do the work for you. In this article, the author Continue Reading ...

Keys To Updating Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the place everyone congregates when family and friends come by for special events or just to chat over a cup of coffee. There is something warm and inviting about a kitchen - the wonderful smells, the bright, open space, and memories of past celebrations.  If you only want to chose one room to update, the kitchen would be the best choice for functionality, safety, and especially for resale. This is an article the provides keys to updating your kitchen: 7 secrets of Continue Reading ...

Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Color

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Looking to add some new color to the exterior of your home or business? It's a great way to freshen up a property. Choosing the best exterior paint color is the first step, and not always the easiest. This article from Consumer Reports give good tips for getting your project started on the right foot: Find the Right Exterior Paint Color for Your House - Consumer Reports So how do you nail the right exterior paint color, especially when the color on the small paint chip will have a lot Continue Reading ...

Getting Your Property Prepped for Fall

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The Fall season in Colorado is my favorite time of year. Warm days, cool nights, and not much wind. The only problem with autumn is that it is followed by winter, and it will be here before we know it. As we head into the colder months of the year, it conveys more than just visions of snow, heavy coats, and bad driving conditions. It also delivers a heavy hit to your property. Getting your property prepped for fall is the key, and this article from provides an excellent Continue Reading ...

Solutions to Boost Your Property Value

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Most people want to keep their property looking attractive, even if they aren't getting ready to sell it. If you are like most people, though, you're crazy busy and what you want to do and what you actually have time to do are two different things. There are some fairly simple things that aren't extremely expensive that you can do to spruce up your real estate. This article by Miranda Silva of Architectural Digest offers five solutions to boost your property value that can make a Continue Reading ...