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Tips for Painting Interior Trim

Posted on: August 6, 2017 by in Attributed Blog, Interior Design, Painting Tips
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I enjoy painting because the results are immediate and it freshens up the appearance, whether it's walls, doors, exterior siding, or furniture. I have to admit, though, that bigger areas are so much easier to paint compared to interior trim work. With trim, the preparation is pivotal to a favorable outcome. Once you are finally ready to paint, you still have to take your time and concentrate. It is a time-consuming process! The Prep Phase Before you ever open that can of paint, you have to Continue Reading ...

Best Techniques for Painting Interior Trim

Posted on: November 15, 2016 by in Attributed Blog, Home Makeover Tips, Painting Tips
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Need some ideas for sprucing up the interior of your home? One of the best options is to paint. You can use paint to alter the appearance of almost any surface. There are some aspects to consider so that you create the atmosphere you desire. This article by provides a multitude of ideas for changing the look of your home: Painting 101 Basics | Painting Ideas, How to Paint a Room or Furniture, Colors, Techniques | DIY Don't fear the bold colors! Select colors that add depth Continue Reading ...