Tricks for Modernizing Your Cabinets

I realize that as a painting contractor in Denver CO, suggesting that you use contact paper as opposed to paint might sound a little unusual, but we want to provide the best tips for updating your home. So, any technique that can rejuvenate your perfectly functional cabinets for a minimal price is a bonus!

There are many places that sell contact paper, but if you are going to use it in an area that will always be visible and require durability, you will want to purchase quality paper. If you buy shelf liner, it is thinner and tears easily so search for a heavier, more professional grade.

Updating_Kitchen_Cabinets_With_Contact_PaperUses of Self-Adhesive Contact Paper

Some types of contact paper are:

  • Adhesive Contact Paper
  • Shelf Liner Contact Paper
  • Stainless Steel Contact Paper
  • Glass Contact Paper
  • Vinyl Contact Paper

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Tips for Applying Contact Paper

Even though applying contact paper isn’t rocket science, there are still some basic technique tips that will help make it easier. If you aren’t careful, you can end up with wrinkles or the adhesive sticking where you don’t want it to.

Always start by washing the surface you plan to apply contact paper to.  Use a degreaser, rinse thoroughly, and let dry to assure good contact.

One thing to remember is that there are grid marks on the back of the contact paper to help with measurements and cutting straight lines. Measure width and length of the surface you wish to cover and then transfer these measurements to the back of the paper.

This video shows how to use vinyl contact paper to wrap a cabinet door:

The pointer of using a credit card or ruler during application to force air bubbles out is critical when updating your kitchen cabinets with contact paper. Following this up by rubbing the surface down with a soft cloth to be sure all the wrinkles are removed will top it off. An additional tip is having an extra sharp utility knife to make clean cuts.

Other possible uses for contact paper are listed here:

Using Decorative Contact Paper

#1 Decorate Armoire DoorsCovering Countertop with Marble Contact Paper
#2 Refrigerator Rejuvenated
#3 Transform Open Kitchen Cabinet Shelves
#4 Staircase Risers
#5 Faux Marble Countertop
#6 Revived Medicine Cabinet

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Removing Contact Paper

Keep in mind that when you use contact paper on surfaces like wood or paint, it isn’t something you remove easily. The adhesive can be difficult to take off and can leave a sticky mess.

Utilizing a heat gun or even a blow dryer before trying to remove the paper will help, along with a putty knife to scrape as you go. There are also adhesive removers that you can purchase to melt away the sticky substance.

Even though certain types of contact paper are quite durable, in the long run, you might be better off choosing to paint as a way to revive outdated furniture and cabinets. If you’re renting and don’t want to spend much, with your landlord’s permission, some contact paper can certainly spice up a worn out look.