Adding Some Pizzazz To Your Interior Design

Applying wall decals is a great way to add a new look to any room. The process is quick and easy and the results will make your family and friends think you are an interior design expert. Applying wall decals

Deciding where to add the decal is the first step. You want to find a wall that is somewhat bare so you don’t overwhelm the wall with too much activity. Measure the area so you know how much space you want to allow for the wall applique.

Also, consider the color scheme so that your decal is an eye-catching accent to your current decor. There’s a big difference between what type of decal you want for a living room as opposed to a baby room.

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Applying Wall Decals

Once you have chosen the perfect design, here are some tips for applying a wall decal:

1. To start, cleanse the area on the wall that you would like to put the decals up with mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly.

2. If the scene is not perfectly laid out for you on the sheet, cut each piece out into singles.

3. Lay out your scene on the wall using the painter’s tape. You can move stickers around, stand back, and make sure everything looks perfect.

4. Use the credit card to gently guide the sticker onto the wall in a straight line. This will move all of the air downward which will help eliminate air bubbles.

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There are a number of places to purchase vinyl wall decals. You can find them in places like craft stores, home decor shops, and also online. Some sites like Houzz offer a wide range of prices and styles.

This video offers some do’s and don’ts of applying wall appliques:

Once you have the decal level and have secured it to the wall with painter’s tape, you are ready to start removing the wax backing. It’s similar to applying contact paper, which if you have ever done by yourself, you always wish you had a couple extra hands to manage it.

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The credit card trick is a good tip for getting the applique to stick to the wall, but many times you will have to use a little more force with your fingers to get it to not stick to the front cover when you peel it off. Be sure and slowly pull straight down when pulling off the sticky outer cover or you will have problems with the decal trying to come off with it.

Removing a Wall Decal

If you’re not happy with how your wall decal looks, you can re-position it, but again…take your time! Here is more on this topic:

Applying a Wall Decal

VictorianLady / Pixabay

If you’re dealing with a large, single piece design, removing it might seem a little daunting. Just work slowly and carefully and you’ll find that there’s nothing to worry about! First, unpeel the ends, and then with one corner in each hand, slowly but firmly peel the decal away from the wall. Don’t pull too hard or fast: tugging on the design could result in creases or slight stretching.

Once the design has been removed, you can either re-position it on the wall, stick it back on its liner, or place it somewhere else. If you’re moving it to a new spot, try to follow the application process listed above; you won’t have a liner to peel away, but it’s best to grab a second person who can hold the bottom of the decal away from the wall as you smooth it out from top to bottom. Read more about easily moving your wall decals to a new location.

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After you have finished laying our your scene, stand back and check for blank spots. You’re best to plan ahead and place it correctly on the first try, but you can very carefully move pieces if they are out of balance. Another good pointer is that heat and humidity fluctuations affect the adhesive levels of any product, so think carefully about where you will place your design.