When Is Aerosol Spray Paint Best?

For certain painting projects, aerosol spray paint is the best answer. It can offer benefits such as no brush strokes, especially for use around decorative edges on furniture like chairs, nightstands, and mirrors. It is also helpful at hitting those hard-to-reach spots and it makes way less of a mess.

There are also no brushes or rollers to clean, which all equate to saving time. When done right, it’s possible to achieve a flawless finish with no drips.

Painting with Spray Paint

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This article mentions a few types of furniture that turn out the best when painted with cans of spray paint:

Bar stools – Barstools are ideal for spray painting!   Most of the surface areas are narrow, which is conducive to the 3″-5″ spray pattern that spray paint produces. Painting your barstools is an inexpensive way to add some color to your kitchen.  I have gone through several different colors on my barstools, because they are just so easy to paint.

Chairs –Chairs also are mostly vertical legs and narrow surfaces, which are much easier to paint with spray paint than a brush. The paint dries fast to get an even layer, and you will not need to fight those darn drips that traditional paint gives on vertical objects.

5 Types of Furniture That Are Best For Spray Painting – Painted Furniture Ideas

Painting a large surface with spray paint can prove difficult, as it’s hard to get an even finish. If you have a big area that you don’t want to use a brush or roller on, an airless paint sprayer is the best option.

Spray paint comes in so many colors and finish options, it makes it versatile for a variety of surfaces. When painting wood, the prep is minimal but with metal surfaces, you want to make sure you remove any rust or loose paint with sandpaper or a wire brush.

Rust-Oleum is a common brand of spray paint that works well for lots of projects. The following video offers best practices for using aerosol spray paint:

Compare the Cost of Spray Paint to Buying A Gallon

As with any type of paint, the area of coverage depends on the surface that is being painted. Obviously, wood is porous and absorbs paint more than metal.

Paint per square foot


Just for the sake of comparison, though, let’s just say on average a can of spray paint will cover approximately one square foot per one ounce of paint. This means a 12-ounce can of paint will cover 12 square feet.

A gallon of paint can potentially cover 400 square feet, so one ounce would cover a little over 3 square feet. This calculates to more than 3 times as much coverage with a gallon of paint compared to a can of spray paint.

It truly comes down to what type and how much surface area are you going to paint, but in general, you will pay less purchasing a gallon of paint. If you aren’t sure of the materials needed for a specific project, ask a Denver Painter to get some expert advice.